Adept Trackball (Print-It-Yourself Kit)

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The Ploopy Adept Print-It-Yourself Kit includes all of the hardware necessary to build the trackball. You will have to 3D-print your own plastic parts, and then build the trackball before it can be used.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Adept case files have been optimised for printing on Prusa i3 machines. We believe that any machine capable of accurately operating at a 0.3mm layer height can successfully print the case files; however, the design has not been tested on any other type of printer. Because we don’t have the ability to diagnose every problem on every printer, we cannot provide technical support of any kind for problems related to printing the case files. If you purchase a Print-It-Yourself Kit, you acknowledge that printing the case is your sole responsibility, and that problems arising from printing the case is not our responsibility. In other words: only pick this option if you know what you’re doing.

To aid your efforts in printing the case, we’ve provided a guide on how we 3D-print the case in our farm. We’ve also provided 3mf files in our Github repository, which may be helpful.

Included with every Adept Trackball Print-It-Yourself Kit:

3D-printed parts

  • 3x Roller Bearing Dowels


  • Adept PCB
  • PMW3360 sensor
  • PMW3360 optic


  • 4x Small Screws
  • 3x MR63ZZ Roller Bearings
  • 4x Friction Pads
  • 1x 1.75″ Ball

You can find full assembly instructions on our Github wiki.

To complete the assembly, you’ll need:

  • Case files that you’ve printed (available on Github here)
  • A Phillips head screwdriver (#1 or similar size)
  • A soldering iron
  • Solder


Ball colours are available! If you want a more exotic colour for your Adept Trackball, now you can have one! We’ve got multiple colours to choose from:

  • Classic Red
  • Bumblebee Yellow
  • Dung Beetle Brown

Default firmware

The Ploopy Adept Trackball ships with QMK preloaded. Currently, we’re shipping with version 0.22.4.

The Adept Trackball supports VIA out of the box for easy button remapping! Use the VIA online web-app here to quickly and easily reconfigure your button setup to just what you prefer.

Want to load new firmware onto your Ploopy Trackball? Loading new firmware is fast and easy, and doesn’t require anything except your computer. Check out our guide here. It includes a full set of instructions on loading new firmware. You can load new firmware with tools like QMK Toolbox or the QMK Configurator.


Because this trackball has roller bearings, it’s noticeably louder that other trackballs. It makes a sort of scratchy grinding noise when the ball is moved. It’s a noise that you will notice during use. Please keep this in mind before ordering.

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Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm

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