Open-source headphones.

Your sound. Your way.

Broad sound capabilities, developed with input from the audiophile community.

Planar magnetic design

Monitor response


Built-in DAC and EQ

Studio monitor frequency response, out of the box.

We use 3D-printed metamaterials and digital signal processing to produce a frequency response as close as possible to the ideal, without the need for an external EQ.

Ploopy Headphones are pushing what’s possible with 3D-printers.

Helmholtz resonators for tuned frequency response, possible only with 3D-printing

Anybody can make new parts, giving the community control over the design

Colours and materials can be changed by anybody at any time

Open-source makes the design maintainable, forever

Ploopy Headphones come with a built-in DAC, amp, and EQ. And yes, it’s all open-source.

48kHz sampling rate. 16-bit audio depth. 16x oversampling.

The heart of the Ploopy Headphones DAC is a PCM3060, an extremely capable audio codec. It’s capable of up to 192kHz sampling and 24-bit audio. We chose a more modest audio quality, but the full power of the PCM3060 is fully available to you.

Powerful digital tuning, at your control.

The Ploopy Headphones EQ is powered with a hefty RP2040 controller. That means that you can tune the Headphones any way you like, with up to six digital filters of any kind. The only limit is your imagination.

Open-source. More choices. More freedom.

Source files for everything are available, for free, forever, without any limits

Complete documentation for assembly, modifications, and maintenance

Full transparency on parts, fabrication methods, and how it all works

Ploopy Headphones were designed with feedback from Reddit. They’re designed for the audiophile community, by the audiophile community.

A Few Words about the Ploopy Headphones

“They sound clear, clean, and detailed. The soundstage feels reasonably wide and spacious. The bass isn’t at all excessive, but they have better low-end chops than I expected; you can really feel these thrumming on your ears when you play something bass-y.”


“I just let my son listen to them for a few seconds and his first thought was “so these are what, $700?””

J. R.

“Bruh. You are the best for making this. Absolute madman. Imagine the custom cases or any modifications you can do with this and the potential to EQ it.”


“I only recently gained interest in opensource hardware and seeing this gets me pumping. I am a small audio lover and these look super nice!”


“Wow from ploopy trackballs to ploopy headphones. This looks so exciting.”


“This is the coolest thing I’ve seen all week. I just love the open source community.”


“Music to my ears. This is awesome. Thank you so much for doing this!!! :D”


“So, when can I throw money at you for these?”


“I don’t have the words to express just how interested I am.”


“waitwaitwait open source Headphones? and planars at that??? you are a legend”


“I want to listen to them now.”


“holy crap this is so sick, awesome work!”


“These look amazing! As a headphone addict who also is a big fan of open source, user repairable concepts, I will totally be keeping an eye on these :)”


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