Adept Trackball

The Adept Trackball is here.

You’re an Adept. Your trackball should be, too. And now, with six buttons and an amazing sensor, your trackball can be as skilled as you.





Let’s talk about buttons.

Six buttons

With six buttons to choose from, any layout is possible. Whatever you want and need out of your button layout, the Adept has you covered.

Great click experience

The switch pads are big, and if you click anywhere on them, you’ll experience the same, great click as anywhere else.

High-quality switches

Powered by Omron’s D2LS-21 switch, the Adept’s buttons are guaranteed to last at least 5 millions actuations, with very low rates of false clicks.

Drag scroll functionality

Scroll wheels are out. Drag scroll is in. With the click of a button, you’re using the ball to scroll, for the most precise scrolling experience available.

You want things custom? You got it.

The Adept Trackball ships with QMK firmware preloaded, and VIA compatibility. That means that you can customize every button on your Adept using an online web app, and the changes persist to the Adept for ultimate portability.

3D-printed, and with a great finish.

A 3D-printed case means that you can print your own. You can repair it yourself, and print any colours you like. And best of all, the Adept’s design means that it has a great finish.





Any colour you want.

Multiple colours available

No matter your setup, we’ve got a colour in stock that’ll make the Adept fit in perfectly.

3D-printing means more possibilities

Of course, you’re not just limited to our case colours. Since the Adept is 3D-printed, your Adept can be as unique as you.

Ball colours

Not only do we ship multiple colours for cases, we also ship different ball colours. It’s the perfect flair of colour to make your setup shine.

Don’t forget the top-notch sensor.

The Adept Trackball comes with a PMW-3360 sensor, with polling rates of more than 1,000Hz and a DPI of up to 12,000. And with a ball that’s 1.75″ in diameter, you’ll get unparalleled precision.





It’s all open-source.

Everything is open-source

Source files for STEP files, PCB design files, firmware, and everything else are available, for free, forever, without any limits.

Radical transparency

We believe in giving our supporters all the information to make informed choices. That’s why we are committed to full transparency on parts, fabrication methods, and how it all works.

Complete documentation

Full, detailed documentation for assembly, modifications, and maintenance is available, including helpful photos and diagrams to help you complete your build.

See what others are saying about the Adept.

“Honestly, I was expecting it to be a good device – but it turned out I was wrong. It’s INCREDIBLY good! Especially impressed by the feel of buttons: they’re truly amazing!”

– u/ArchieEU (Reddit)

“So far I love it! It has replaced my Slimblade as my daily use trackball.”

– u/zeke640 (Reddit)

“I’m almost at the point of buying a second Adept, nothing I have used comes close”

– u/pyooma (Reddit)

“I love mine… Love the button placement as well, for scroll holding the button and just using index is working perfectly for me. I also love how smooth the top is.”

– u/98071234756123098621 (Reddit)

“”Is it ergonomic”? To me, definitely!!”

– u/xmalparty (Reddit)

“Having had used my new ploopy adept for a few hours now, I completely and totally understand why they get the praise they do”

– dogsocks (Discord)

“I love that Poopy exists, and I love that they went with this design.”

– evanjrowley (Hacker News)

“I can not imagine a worse name.”

– CyberDildonics (Hacker News)

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