Open, high quality products for your life.

We design and make devices for you and your computer. Everything is open-source, high-quality, and well supported.





We make great mice.

The Ploopy Classic

The Ploopy Nano

The Ploopy Adept

The Ploopy Mini

The Ploopy Thumb

The Ploopy Mouse

And we make headphones, too.

Our headphones are open-backed studio monitors. They come with a 15-band on-board EQ and an open-source app that lets you control everything quickly and easily.





What is open-source?

Open, free designs

Our products are accessible. We release all of the design files and source code for our products. Knowing what goes into our products helps you make the best purchasing decisions you can.

Radical transparency

We believe in giving our supporters all the information to make informed choices. That’s why we are committed to full transparency on parts, fabrication methods, and how it all works.

Complete documentation

Full, detailed documentation for assembly, modifications, and maintenance is available, including helpful photos and diagrams.

Support from start to finish.

We fully support our products – and our customers. Whether it’s high-quality documentation for assembling and repairing your products, or answering your questions quickly, we’ll always do our best make sure that we support our customers fully.

Contact us at contact (at) ploopy (dot) co!

Check out our featured kits.

We’re on Discord

Join the conversation. Get early access to product updates and releases. Get new ideas and code from other users like you. And join Office Hours with the designers.

And on Reddit

Join the community. See the latest builds and colour runs. Learn about mods that extend the functionality of your devices. And weigh in on future product features.