About Us

Ploopy is a proudly Canadian company founded in 2019. We make products that are high-quality, well-supported, and 100% open-source. We believe in the freedom to choose, understand, modify, and repair the products that you buy from us.

Who We Are

Phil designs all of our hardware. Before starting Ploopy, Phil worked in the automotive and medical fields as a hardware engineer.

Phil likes ultimate frisbee, choir, and his pet cat, Fermat.

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Colin designs all of our software. Before starting Ploopy, Colin worked in Silicon Valley as a software developer.

Colin likes tabletop roleplaying games, piano, and his trusty safety goggles.

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Why “Ploopy”?

When we first started the company, we wanted to choose a name that represented the values of being different, fun, and accessible. At one point, Colin suggested the name “Floopy”. Phil misheard and, surprised, responded “Ploopy?”

We laughed so hard that the name stuck.

Radically Open-Source

Every product that we design at Ploopy is released 100% open-source. That includes the design files, but it also includes things like documentation, all of which is released under GPLv3, CERN-OHL-v2-S, and GFDLv1.3.

We believe that this makes products better for end-users because of transparency, but it also harnesses the incredible value of community.