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The Ploopy Headphones Full Kit includes everything necessary to build the headphones and amplifier. You will have to build the headphones before they can be used.

Included with every Headphones kit:

3D-printed parts

  • 2x Driver Back
  • 2x Driver Inner Ring
  • 2x Driver Outer Ring
  • 2x Driver Cap
  • 2x Driver Holder
  • Driver Assembly Jig
  • 2x Headband Slider
  • 2x Headband Slider Cap
  • 2x Ear Cup Outer Ring
  • 2x Resonator
  • 2x Ear Cup Inner Ring
  • 2x Ear Cup Base
  • 2x Headband Plug
  • 4x Headband Plug Tensioner
  • 2x Headband Flexbar, Loose
  • 2x Headband Flexbar, Tight
  • 2x Headband Cap
  • Amplifier Case Top
  • Amplifier Case Bottom


  • Amplifier, programmed and tested


  • 2x Driver Flex Boards
  • 2x TRRS connectors
  • 3/4” tape strip (>12” long)
  • 1/4” tape strip (>3” long)
  • 28x little screw
  • 12x big screw
  • 8x M3x12mm metal dowels
  • 2x magnet, red
  • 11x magnet, unmarked
  • 2x Driver Foam
  • 2x Ear Cup Foam
  • Headband Foam
  • 2x 3” stockinette, 4.5” long
  • 2” Stockinette, 10.75” long
  • 2x felt strips
  • TRS Cable Y-Splitter
  • 2x TRS Cable
  • Wire Wrapper
  • 3x logo
  • USB-A to USB-C cable

You can find full assembly instructions on our Github wiki.

To complete the assembly, you’ll need:

  • A Phillips head screwdriver (#1 or similar size)
  • A soldering iron
  • Solder
  • Tweezers
  • A glue stick
  • Scissors


You can find the full technical documentation on our Github wiki. The documentation includes how to change the EQ of the DAC, how we measure frequency response, full assembly instructions, and many other things.

The Ploopy Headphones signal chain is as follows:

  • The Ploopy Headphones are plugged into the Amplifier board via TRS cable.
  • The Amplifier board provides signal amplification and on-board EQ.
  • The Amplifier is plugged into a computer via USB. USB provides power to the Amplifier board and Headphones, as well as the digital audio signal.

Note that the Ploopy Headphones are not particularly portable, as they require a large amount of power. Plugging them into a mobile device will likely drain the device’s battery quickly.

Want to load new firmware onto your Ploopy Headphones amplifier board? Loading new firmware is fast and easy, and doesn’t require anything except your computer and a paper clip (or tweezers, wire, or something metal and thin). Check out our guide on loading new firmware here.

Tuning the EQ on the Ploopy Headphones is fast and easy. The Headphones Toolbox is a powerful, open-source GUI created by George Norton that can be used to quickly and easily shape the sound of the Headphones. We highly recommend it.

We STRONGLY recommend that you do not plug other headphones into the Ploopy Headphones amplifier. The Ploopy Headphones amplifier board is specifically designed to operate with the Ploopy Headphones. You should consider it as part of the headphones, not part of your signal chain. There is a significant chance you will damage other equipment if you interface it with the Ploopy Headphones amplifier board.


A note regarding frequency response: we publish a frequency response of the Ploopy Headphones measured by us across a representative sample of units. These units were all built by us, using our manufacturing methods and quality control processes. Your kit assembly process may differ from ours, by accident or on purpose. For that reason, we can’t guarantee the frequency response of any Headphones built from a kit.

We personally believe that following the instructions exactly will result in a pair of Headphones that matches our published frequency response. However, if your Headphones don’t match the published frequency response, we unfortunately won’t consider that a valid reason for a warranty claim.


An important note about volume: The maximum volume of the Headphones is one that we consider to be adequate and safe for extended listening. However, we have received feedback that these Headphones are not particularly loud. If you listen to your Headphones at what may be considered a loud volume, these Headphones likely will not deliver the volume that you require.


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