Mini Trackball

Big quality.
Small package.
Get yours today.

Familiar shape in a mid-size package

Five buttons takes care of your needs. A moulded shape takes care of your wrist. Every detail is where it should be.

Customizability, out of the box

All Ploopy Mini Trackballs come with QMK firmware out-of-the-box. Complete customization is possible.

Easy to build and maintain

Kits are easier than ever to assemble. And our open-source design means you can always repair your trackball, even if we stop selling.

Open-source design

We released the source code. You know what’s inside. You know how it works. Everything is at your fingertips.

A Few Words about the Ploopy Mini

“In general, the device is definitely good, and ergonomically nearly perfect: all the controls are on the right places, easily accessible with relaxed palm position.”


“I really like the size. I did a test print of the ploopy [Classic], and the main reason I didn’t end up getting one is that it’s so big… this junior size solves that problem.”


“The overall shape feels just right”


“i really dig the shape!”


“This is great entry level because if I like it I’m sure to upgrade in the next year.”




“I like my Ploopy ‘Classic’, but this looks really great as well.”


Check out the source code

We released everything about the Ploopy Mini Trackball. What parts did we use? How did we design the case? How is it built? Everything is there for you to see.

Go to our Github repository